Branding and Logo Design

We create branding that represents your values and your mission, whilst getting your specific audience to sit up and notice you. You receive a bespoke new logo, set of brand colours, brand typeface and a brand guidelines document.

One thing you can be sure of when working with us is that we genuinely care and want the best for our clients. Here’s our process to ensure the best outcomes:

Research and discovery: We build an in depth understanding of your charity, your strategy, your values, your aspirations, your audience and what others are doing in your sector.

Idea generation: We spend time generating diverse and exciting ideas for your logo and brand identity. These are shared in a presentation with your team for feedback.

Development: We hone a chosen direction refining the design, sharing regularly and responding to feedback.

Refining: We genuinely care and want the best for our clients so details are important. We refine all designs and details to excellent industry standards and work with our clients to understand exactly what’s needed for handover.

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