Publication Design

We create bespoke Annual Report designs that celebrates your achievements and communicates to your specific audiences, whilst looking fantastic!  

Here’s how we ensure your report will be the best you’ve produced yet:

Research and discovery: We build an in depth understanding of your charity, your brand, your aspirations and what others are doing in your sector.

The look and feel: We spend time creating a layout, custom graphics and an overall look and feel that feels right for your brand. We will share the first 8 pages to allow you to feedback on the design style.

Infographics: We are experts in telling stories through smart design. Within reports we can create custom infographics throughout to communicate data and statistics in an engaging and visual way.

Feedback: We share the report design regularly and welcome feedback, ideas and edits from your team.

Refining: We refine all designs and details to excellent industry standards and work with our clients to understand exactly what’s needed for handover.

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